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What does my EQ in a Box© look like?

EQ in a Box© now in it's second edition

The second edition includes:

  • A Double Sided Storyboard,
  • A Set of 31 coloured Characters and
  • A Set of 12 coloured Projective Cards.
  • Fun Instructional DVD that explains how to get the best out of your child when using the EQ in a Box©
  • The new edition now has specific cards to help children manage trauma such as hijackings, loss (by death or separation) and violence
  • There are also new adolescent cards in the second edition that focus on current teenage dilemmas such as depression, relationship issues and anger management.

Get Your “EQ in a Box”© Now

 Hey Sally and Pam! Thanks for this stunning tool! It's really amazing and I started using it already and have had great results -starting from card 1!! Regards Belinda Von Wielligh, Occupational Therapist, South Africa

 It's a great tool with great potential! I was demonstrating it to a colleague at the kitchen table and he actually started to regress and had the mother and father have a fight and talk about his unhappy childhood. It's like it's created a safe space to project out on to. Regards, Gareth Martin Counsellor, Dublin, Ireland

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