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FAQ - We Answer your Questions

Do I need to be a professional to use "EQ in a Box"©?
No. Any adult with a relationship with your child can facilitate the story board activity. The storyboard and cards are easy to use and fun to administer. For your ease, the boards and cards also come with an explanatory, easy to read manual.

For what age groups is "EQ in a Box"© suitable?
Any kid aged from 4 -15yrs will benefit from using "EQ in a Box"©

Can any Child Benefit from the "EQ in a Box"©?
Yes -all Kids love "EQ in a Box"©!!!

My child already has emotional difficulties - Will "EQ in a Box"© help?
"EQ in a Box"© is perfect for kids who are already struggling with emotional issues. All children and adolescents that can tell a story can benefit from using the tool. "EQ in a Box"© will benefit children with:

  • Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorders (ADHD)
  • Aspergers' Syndrome
  • Depression
  • Overcoming loss through divorce or trauma or death
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Eating Disorders
  • Anger management issues, bullying issues
  • Separation and attachment difficulties,
  • Bonding and relationship difficulties,
  • Social adjustment difficulties such as shyness and withdrawal from others

Why Does "EQ in a Box"© work so well?
The beauty of "EQ in a Box"© is that is about projective story-telling. This means there is no pressure for your child to look you in the eye, win, or tell you information they don't know how to share. That is the joy and success of "EQ in a Box"©!

What will I learn as a parent about my child when I sit down to enjoy "EQ in a Box"©
"EQ in a Box"© will give you insight into

  • Your child's areas of emotional strength and confidence.
  • The role your child plays in his/her peer group and in the classroom
  • Your child's perception of your relationship with your partner
  • How your child sees him/herself in the family
  • Relationships with friends, siblings and rivalry issues

How can I measure that my child's EQ is growing?
As you enjoy the tool over and over again, you will begin to see how your child is better at

  • Resolving conflict
  • Being Assertive (not aggressive or passive)
  • showing empathy for others
  • Connecting emotionally to others
  • Managing change
  • Read the social cues around them

How does "EQ in a Box"© help teachers and therapists?
Children often struggle to tell us in their own words what is really happening on the inside. They often don't have the words or simply feel unwilling to talk. Projective tools such as the "EQ in a Box"© help overcome this barrier very effectively. As a teacher or therapist we know that whatever work we are doing with a child, be it trauma debriefing, grief work or helping children to manage their ADD, their parent's divorce, Aspergers, OCD, or depression, we need to be building emotional intelligence into their repertoire of coping skills. "EQ in a Box"© is an easy, fun and valuable tool to use in the comfort of your classroom or consulting rooms.

What are some of the gains I might see in my relationship with my child when I use the "EQ in a Box"©?
"EQ in a Box"© will help your child to

  • Build better relationships with friends, teachers and you the parents!
  • Develop assertiveness skills as opposed to being aggressive or passive at home or in the classroom,
  • Take initiative with friends (and foes)
  • Manage conflict with peers and parents
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Be more co-operative with authority and siblings
  • Communicate better
  • Enhance his/her self esteem
  • The tool is also very effective in helping children to express themselves during and after trauma/divorce and death in the family

What do Children with Good EQ look like?
Children with Good Emotional Intelligence

  • Get along with friends and family more easily
  • Motivate themselves to do their work
  • Read the danger signs in social situations
  • Tell you what they feel and why they are feeling it without just losing their tempers
  • Manage stress and deal with conflict
  • Adjust to change - be it divorce, loss or just simply not going to a friend when planned
  • Act less impulsively
  • Persist in the face of difficult challenges

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 I am the happiest parent! I can finally help my child to know what he is feeling instead of just act what he is feeling. Aaron Levy, Joburg, South Africa

 Who knew getting my child to share her feelings would be so simple, she has been such a difficult adolescent and at last we are communicating. I am no therapist, just a simple parent struggling like the rest of us. This tool is groundbreaking! Hettjie Vree, Denmark

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