EQ in a Box© - Insight Today for Emotional Intelligence Tomorrow

How will EQ in a Box© help my child?

EQ in a Box© will help YOUR CHILD to:

  • Build better relationships with friends, teachers and you the parents!
  • Manage conflict with peers and parents
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Be more co-operative with adults and siblings
  • Communicate better
  • Enhance his/her self esteem


Finally understanding and nurturing your child's emotional intelligence is just a storyboard away!

Get Your “EQ in a Box”© Now

 I am the happiest parent! I can finally help my child to know what he is feeling instead of just act what he is feeling. Aaron Levy, Joburg, South Africa

 Who knew getting my child to share her feelings would be so simple, she has been such a difficult adolescent and at last we are communicating. I am no therapist, just a simple parent struggling like the rest of us. This tool is groundbreaking! Hettjie Vree, Denmark

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