EQ in a Box© - Insight Today for Emotional Intelligence Tomorrow

How do Parents benefit from EQ in a Box©?

EQ in a Box will help you the parent to:

  • Understand your child better
  • Communicate better with your child
  • Have more energy for your child
  • Remove yourself from sibling battles
  • Reconnect with and enjoy your child more
  • Have more insight into your child's relationship with his parents, peers, siblings and even teachers
  • Cope with conflict in your home more effectively
  • Give your child different ways of responding to life's challenges


Finally understanding and nurturing your child's emotional intelligence is just a storyboard away!

Get Your “EQ in a Box”© Now

 I had no idea this is what my child had going on inside. Jenny Gering, Parent and Clinical Psychologist Sydney Australia

 A big thank you for "EQ in a Box"© - I have only had it one month so far and I have used it almost every day in my practice - what a wonderful tool. Lisa Wittstock, Counseling Psychologist South Africa

 Thank you very much for sending me a new "EQ in a Box"© The board is in perfect condition and I am very excited to use it especially since I am doing my Masters in play therapy and seeing a lot of children for emotional related issues. Thank you once again, Kind regards Alexa Kotze, Psych Honours South Africa

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