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Who created EQ in a Box©?

EQ in a Box© was designed by Pam Tudin, Clinical Psychologist and Sally Fraser-Mackenzie Occupational Therapist. Both passionate about children and their growth, they recognized the importance of helping parents to find ways develop to their children's EQ without always having to resort to the help of professionals. The EQ in a Box was designed by Sally and Pam on the premise that no-one knows a child as well as a parent does.

Pam Tudin is a Clinical Psychologist and Organisational Leadership Development Consultant. Emerging from her corporate work, Pam has found that today's best leaders were given Emotional Intelligence in childhood. This created a passion in Pam to set up a consultancy that focuses exclusively on building EQ skills in children of all ages. Directed by Pam, HappyKidsNow provides youth with real life skills (conflict management, assertiveness training , stress management etc.) Her fundamental belief that all children are capable of going from 'good to great', inspires her work. An ardent fan of Facebook, Pam is currently writing a refreshing take on the Facebook frenzy. In her book she gives parents the confidence to let their kids enjoy and get the best out of Facebook. She gives frequent talks both locally and internationally, motivating parents by the take home tools she offers to manage the day to day challenges that come with childhood and adolescence. In between changing nappies and making school lunches, Pam is completing her Doctorate. She lives in Knysna with her husband, two relentless but wonderful boys and two mad cats.

Sally Fraser-Mackenzie (B.Sc.Hons OT; B.Sc.Hons Psychology) is an occupational therapist passionate about her work with children and babies. She has been working in the field of paediatrics for the past 15 years. She does individual therapy with babies and children incorporating techniques such as sensory integration, play therapy, neurodevelopmental therapy and floortime. She also runs baby groups and regular workshops in her area.She is an active member and Board member of the South African Institute of Sensory Integration (SAISI) and has lectured for SAISI for the past 10 years on treatment courses. She also gives workshops on parenting skills, sensory versus behaviour issues, baby sign language and other issues regarding children's development. She writes regularly for various publications, has written books and produced DVD's. Sally has been married for 10 years and has two boys aged three and five. They live in Knysna, South Africa, where they celebrate the outdoors and simple values.

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 I have combined it with additional magnetic cut out figurines and am thrilled with the insightful information I am able to gain! Thank you so much for pulling through on a creative idea! Claire Symington, South Africa

 Hi Pam, I am very excited! The product will definitely be of great help to all Play therapists. Excited regards Elize Cronje, Maatskaplike Werker & Spelterapeut / Social Worker & Play therapist, Cape Town

 Hallo Pam, Thank you joyfully for introducing me to the "EQ in a Box"© -A hearty congrats on the design of a wonderful tool. I am surely looking forward to use it in practice. Kind regards. Christie Els, Psychologist George

 What a wonderful innovative accessible tool, Sheila V.D Plank, Clinical Psychologist, South Africa

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