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Why does EQ Matter?

Research has shown us that EQ (Emotional Intelligence) counts for up to 80% of your child's success in life. "EQ" is what will ultimately make your child happier, deal better with stress, manage change and cope with conflict. EQ helps your child to make friends, keep friends, motivate him/herself, learn better. EQ ultimately enables your child to be more successful in their lives.

IQ is now seen as just the "threshold factor" - the thing that gets your child through the door (of a good school or a good college) BUT EQ (Emotional Intelligence) is the thing that will keep him/her there.

What is Emotional Intelligence Really?

Simply put, emotional Intelligence is the ability to recognise and then manage your own emotions (and those of others) in a healthy and productive manner.

If we know how we feel and we recognise how others feel then we can motivate ourselves to respond to our feelings happily and more easily.

If we break Emotional intelligence down into all its components it is about

  • Self awareness - reading one's own emotions and understanding their impact,
  • Understanding your limitations,
  • Knowing your values and goals,
  • Consistent self confidence,
  • The ability to manage change
  • The ability to motivate yourself even when you are tired or despondent
  • Being able to attune yourself to what others may be feeling,
  • Keeping disruptive feelings under control (impulse control, stress management, conflict management)
  • and of course the capacity to be optimistic in the face of current circumstances.

Finally understanding and nurturing your child's emotional intelligence is just a storyboard away!

Get Your “EQ in a Box”© Now

 Must give you some feedback I have already from Liv (aged 5yrs) on this too! It's amazing and we haven't even opened the envelope with her yet and she was so excited! When she saw the box she said, "Yay Mom this is for me to tell you all about my feelings". Dominique Smith, Mom, Knysna, South Africa

 Vrek Oulik (deathly wonderful) as described by Elna Otter, Occupational Therapist

 Wow I can't believe that you are the creator of this incredible instrument… someone in our group administered the instrument to a child and gave rave reviews in our case presentations tonight (Stellenbosch University), I am so so impressed. I am in second year of MEd Psych All my fellow masters students are raving about "EQ in a Box"©, I am so so delighted. Natalie Smith-Chandler Stellenbosch, SA

 My partner and colleague Lize Basson also bought the test and we both love and it use it daily in our work. We are two psychologists who work with four psychiatrists in east London, Alexa Kotze South Africa

 Hi Pam, This looks ABSOLUTELY AMAZING Kay Abelson Mom and EFT Practitioner Surrey, Canada

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